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First Certificate (corso a numero chiuso)

Docente:Elena Monti
Sede:Palazzo Campana - Via Carlo Alberto, 10 - Torino
Giorno:lunedì ore 19:20 - 20:50
giovedì ore 19:20 - 20:50

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Descrizione del corso

Corso di preparazione a sostenere l’esame del FIRST CERTIFICATE
(corso a numero chiuso con test di ammmissione – 450,00 euro)

The CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH: FIRST examination (FCE - B2) is part of a set of general English examinations produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

These examinations are designed for different levels of English language ability.

The FCE has 4 papers, each consisting of a number of parts:

1. Reading + Use of English (1h 15'): 

Use of English

Part 1: multiple choice gap-fill

Part 2: open gap-fill

Part 3: word formation

Part 4: grammar



Part 5: multiple choice

Part 6: gapped text

Part 7: multiple matching


2. Writing (1h 20')

Part 1 (compulsory): essay

Part 2: possible tasks - email, letter, article, report, review


3. Listening (40')

Part 1: multiple choice

Part 2: sentence completion

Part 3: multiple matching

Part 4: multiple choice


4. Speaking (15')

Part 1: the examiner asks you some questions

Part 2: you talk on your own

Part 3: you talk to the other candidate

Part 4: you talk about various topics


This course is suitable for anyone who is preparing to take the FCE.

A VERY GOOD grasp of grammar, lexis and pronunciation is then taken for granted.


Students are requested to take a Placement Test to join the course.

I will speak in English.

A general grammar revision will be provided during the course.

Books to be used in class are listed below.


Programma completo del Corso

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Testi consigliati

Recommended books for the FCE
            For revised exam from 2015, Cambridge University Press
            ISBN 978-1-107-66331-2
            Six new practice tests for the revised exam from 2015
            Peter May, Cambridge University Press
            ISBN 978-1-107-47018-7
Objective First
For revised exam from 2015
ISBN 978 1 107 62830 4

A MONOLINGUAL dictionary might come in handy.

Please make sure you have one of these - any one will do:

Cambridge Monolingual Dictionary

Merriam-Webster M. D.

Oxford M. D.



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